Flatbed Shipping Basics

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In the transport and freight industry, flatbed shipping plays the most crucial role and is responsible for the shipment of almost every type of goods and merchandise.  It is by far the most important mode of shipping used by most merchants and businesses.

As part of heavy haul transport, people sometimes confuse flatbed shipping with heavy freight transport and consider both to be the same method of shipping. Whereas,  there is a substantial difference between the two options.

For clarity purposes, we will take you through what flatbed shipping is, below is a more detailed explanation.

Flatbed cargo can be a great solution if you need to ship something that is large or delicate or can not use a conventional method of shipment or other freight purposes. A rare vintage car, for instance, is a perfect item to ship via flatbed because it is voluminous and requires extra care to make sure it stays intact till it reaches its destination. Flatbed freight is usually adopted in delivering heavy machinery, equipment, and large construction material that can not possibly be transported by the conventional shipping method.

An excavator used in construction, for example, can only travel short distances on its own, when it’s needed for construction in a long distance. It is usually moved and then returned in the same way on a flatbed truck. Large construction parts such as large sewer pipes and highrise construction beams are also shipped mostly through flatbed because the transportation of heavy equipment and difficult items can not be handled by a normal postal company. 

In case you have a business with a delicate and large Inventory and you don’t know how to get it shipped, using flatbed shipping remains the only and affordable option to get it to the destination with lesser trouble and minimal cost. Another prevalent use of flatbed shipping is when a car or equipment is purchased via the Internet from a distant location and needs to get shipped to the buyer’s destination. Flatbed shipping is often used for this type of transportation especially when the postal service does not have the facility to ship items of that size and shape.       

For many industries to be successful, shipping and transporting materials and equipment is important. In order to get their equipment and supplies to their destination, automotive, construction, industrial, military, and many more sectors depend on the use of freight transport for their merchandise, some of these supplies are oversized. Some are strangely shaped and may not match a standard truck’s size. Some can not be loaded or unloaded out of a dock. Flatbed freight transportation is the remedy for oversized and awkwardly shaped items.

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