How Much Does It Cost To Transport Heavy Equipment? All You Need To Know

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It’s okay if you think transporting heavy-duty loads goes deep into the pockets, but does it? Speculations and thoughts aside, let’s look into how much it costs to transport heavy equipment?

You’re in the right place!

This article will guide you to avoid speculations and arrive at the exact cost to convey your heavy-duty materials. More importantly, you will find the factors that determine moving costs here.

Lastly, this piece contains a few tips on how you can reduce moving costs for your heavy equipment.

That said, let’s get into the details of Freight Quotes for Heavy Machinery Transport, Equipment Hauling, Crane Transport, Backhoe Hauling, LTL, Open Decks,

How Much Does It Cost To Transport Heavy Equipment?

Spoiler alert: there is no one straight moving cost for all heavy equipment. Besides, different movers quote varied prices depending on Route, License, Trailer, Weight, Height, Length.

Nevertheless, we can help you arrive at the average, which is split across several factors.

Let’s have a look!

How Far Would You Move Your Heavy Equipment?

The first factor you should consider is the distance of the transport. Are you transporting your equipment over short ranges or is it cross country? Is it within a neighborhood or across states?

Those are some of the questions you will ask about distance. In all, be willing to part with a max of $3 per mile for your heavy-duty loads for Mining Equipment Transport.

Another thing to consider is how far you’re moving. For short distances (less than 500 miles), expect to pay up to $5 per mile

How Busy Is Your Location?

Like distance covered, time is also a crucial factor when deciding a mover’s cost. In this case, you want to consider the nature of your location.

Do you stay in a city? How about the target destination for your load? Now, you ask, how does all that matter?

For example, a busy city would mean traffic and more time to convey your items. In other words, the driver will spend more time on the road.

For that reason, the max per mile of $3-5 can increase by 10-20%.

On the other hand, with an area with less traffic, the $3-5 per mile can even reduce to about $2.

How Heavy Is Your “Heavy” Equipment?

Now, we are in the last phase!

Here, you will factor in the weight of your equipment. Why?

Moving companies have numerous trailers for different sized equipment. In other words, certain trailers would be more expensive than the others and automatically attract additional costs for the haul.

Let’s cite some examples of machinery and heavy equipment transport:

  • Towing trailers – move moderately sized equipment only within a short distance. This option is the cheapest. Farm and Agricultural Equipment can be hauled based on the Equipment.
  • Flatbed trailers – move up 48,000lbs of heavy-duty loads. This option is usually the standard. In other words, there are no exorbitant charges. Usually Used for Construction Equipment.
  • Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGN) – are specialized vehicles that carry up to (and even above) 150,000lbs of weight. These aids often require expertise to drive and maintain. For that reason, they attract extra charges. These Can be used for Transportation of Pavers.

In all, note that there is no fixed cost to trailers. The final say rest with your chosen moving company.

Tips To Reduce Moving Costs For Your Heavy Equipment

  • Disassemble what you can.
  • Research numerous loading methods, and choose the one that helps you spread the weight of your load.
  • Research traveling routes by their distance and engagement, and pick the shortest and the least busy.
  • Lastly, use the free quotes. Almost all moving companies offer that. With such, you can compare cost and pick which fit your budget.

Overall, stick to quality service and safety even while trying to reduce the cost of transporting your heavy equipment and machinery. Find a mover that has insurance to cover damages – should they happen.

All the best with your move!
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