How to easily Transport Heavy Equipment across Canada, USA and Mexico

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Need to Move Heavy Machinery Across the 50 States, Canada or Mexico?

In Canada, heavy machinery transport cost ranges greatly based on the equipment being transported. Shipping heavy equipment longer distances, over 500 kms, will cost you $1.61 per km on average. Meanwhile, a shorter distance will require you to pay $4.87 per km on average. However, it will still vary depending on a number of factors including the price of fuel and location within Canada.

One way to make transporting heavy machinery easier for you is to check out a marketplace. Here are the details on what you should do:


Before you prepare your shipment listing, you should find out the accurate dimensions and weight of the machine and also the make and model. If you can provide more information, you can obtain a more accurate price for your needs. You can take a look at your manual for the details you need or search some website for information on your equipment. For heavy machinery especially, you should include photos for the transporter to plan and quote more accurately. You will then have different shipping options depending on your item’s size and weight. You should carefully examine your options to choose the best one for your needs and budget.


Once you complete and submit your shipping listing, heavy haul transporters will respond with vying quotes for you. When the quotes come in, you can communicate with the transporters directly if you have any question and if you want to discuss plans.

The marketplace will usually provide you with the profile of the transporter companies, so you can review their transportation history, safety records, and customer-rated feedback. Just like in other marketplaces, you will also be able to see photos of the transporter’s heavy hauling equipment, so you can have an idea of how your item will travel. They will also submit their prices, and you can put them into consideration to make the best decision.


If you have made your decision, you can get in touch with them immediately and give them additional details, questions, and concerns about your transport. Here, you should provide third-party contact information and identify pick up and delivery locations. You will also make arrangements for payment and timeframe. If you happen to have any issues along the way, you can contact the marketplace and they will help you to sort things out.

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