Flatbed Trucking and Transportation Services in USA, Canada and Mexico


We are leaders in offering the best of Flatbed Transportation Services. It is the best solution for hauling almost all types of loads such as heavy machinery, products, equipment, and materials that must be professionally secured despite being fitted to a trailer’s edge. We use flatbeds for all kinds of loads that are hard to fit into typical enclosed trailers. It can also be considered for items that can be simply lifted onto the trailer. As professionals, we understand that flatbeds are highly versatile and can easily ship cranes and other over-sized equipment. Shipments can be loaded from any side.

Flatbed equipment also includes RGNs, step decks, and double drops. Rely on our team and its expertise for hauling the following equipment (that do not require any enclosure):

  • Construction
  • Agricultural
  • Mining

We will take care of all the shipping details, arrange for pilots and escort cars, and acquire permits needed for flatbed transport. Our team will handle state wide and nation wide flatbed transport services while you just need to rest assured. All Machinery Transport offers world class level solution for all of your oversize transport needs.

Flatbed Trailers Made for Heavy Transport

There are many types of flatbed trailers such as RGNs, legal flatbeds, double drops, and step decks. The right type for your shipment will be chosen after we assess what you wish to ship. We have a highly professional and experienced shipping squad at All Machinery Transport. The team is armed with requisite knowledge to decide on the appropriate flatbed trailer for your precise transport needs. The oversize freight shipping specialists will focus on the details of your load. They will determine the most efficient, safest, and fastest method for your flatbed transport needs.

LTL Freight Shipping

If you are dealing with partial load that doesn’t use the entire trailer, LTL is the best option for you. Under such circumstances, you just need to pay a part of the entire expense of hauling a load.

At All Machinery Transport, LTL freight shipping is available at the lowest possible cost. We can fill the rest of the trailer shipments of other customers with each shipper paying for the portion of the entire freight. Apart from the price, some of the benefits of this service include enhanced security and efficient transport of goods. LTL loads are palleted. Additional level of safety is offered with a professionally packaged pallet. Rely on our team of professionals for all of your LTL shipment requirements. Our decades of experience in the process of palleting and loading partial load will ensure you 100% satisfaction.

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