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Removable Gooseneck Trailers, also known as RGN trailers, are generally utilized for transporting huge pieces of equipment. When the removable gooseneck (RGN) connection has been separated from the trailer, vehicles and equipment can load freely from the front of the trailer, eliminating the necessity of a ramp. These trailers offer low ground freedom and various axle configuration, permitting them to lawfully haul taller and heavier loads than most trailers would. 

Heavy equipment hauling can be demanding and troublesome. For those of you who have shipped heavy haul equipment before, you realize how specialized the cycle can be. That is the reason the removable gooseneck (RGN) trailer was made. You can hold heavy equipment lower to the ground and dodge issues with height grants and constraints with an RGN.

The Removable Gooseneck (RGN) trailer has a separable front end that transforms the trailer into a slope. Past the separable part of the trailer, RGNs are furnished with a twofold drop arrangement that loans the payload an additional measure of height, generally around 12 additional inches. 

The variable idea of the RGN trailer permits it to oblige cargo that is more hard for less adaptable trailers. Referred to as a “detach”, the RGN is ideal for transporting less than standard cargo, equipment that is longer, taller, or in any case a non-ordinary size. 

Tractor transport makes use of standard RGNs when the cargo can be driven up the ramp and secured on the trailer. Our logistics specialists are here to help you move Tractors or any other farming equipment and machinery.


A removable gooseneck trailer, otherwise called a twofold drop, is ideal for hauling huge equipment. Every nation, area, and state have their own set of limitations for height while transporting equipment. With an RGN, in light of the fact that it drops in the center, you have more height to work with and can fit bigger parts of equipment on the trailer. The drop in the center is known as the “well”. The well typically ranges around 29 feet over. At the point when you place a bit of equipment in the well you can legitimately take stacks up to 12 feet tall making it ideal for huge equipment transport, machinery transport, and oversized load.


Another advantage of the RGN trailer is the “removable” gooseneck. This permits the front of the trailer to disconnect. A huge bit of equipment like a tractor or earthmover can be driven straightforwardly onto the trailer once the front of the gooseneck has been disconnected. The gooseneck is reattached after the equipment is stacked and the equipment can be secured In place. This improves the way toward stacking and unloading

The most appealing component of the Removable Gooseneck Trailer is that it very well may be designed in a variety of arrangement and axle numbers to meet the user’s transportation needs.

Regardless of whether you have a particularly large and over-dimensional tractor, farming equipment, or construction equipment, the RGN can adjust to deal with your cargo. Tractor Transportation involves complicated techniques like using cranes to stack RGNs based on the type of machinery and equipment.

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