Heavy RNG Load Transport Made Easy with All Machinery Transport

RGN is an acronym used for a removable goose neck trailer. It is one of the most adaptable trailer designs existing in the market. Available with a removable neck, the deck easily drops down on a trailer to allow user drive required equipment/vehicle onto the platform. RGN ensures quicker and easier loading without the need for any other equipment.

We specialize in offering the highest quality RGN shipping services for the oversize freight hauling industry. Allow our team of experienced and skilled professionals to take care of all the details including obtaining requisite permits. All Machinery Transport is armed with an efficient logistics staff to appropriately route and schedule your RGN transport services.

Do you require professional RGN transport services in your county or across the country? Give us a call and we will be at the appointed place. We deliver premium grade RGN shipping services across the country.

Why We Use RGNS for Transport?

All Machinery Transport rely on RGNs and extended RGNs for transporting large construction equipment, tractors, cranes, farming combines, and much more.

As experts holding extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, we understand that conventional double drop trailers are a better choice for stabilizing taller equipment. These are lower to the ground as compared to a standard flatbed trailer.

RGN trailers offers double benefits of conventional double drops combined with the added benefit of easier faster loading of equipment by efficiently driving machines on to the trailer.


Transporting Heavy Weight on a RGN Trailer

We transported Johne Deere 270 D LC around 500 miles starting from Madison, GA to Loveland, OH. Measuring 34 feet (L) x 11.1 feet (W) x 10 feet 4 inches (H), we successfully managed to transport 64,000 pounds of weight. Since the haul exceeded width requirements, we acquired legal permits to transport. 

Oversized Maximized Transport

Rely on AMT to transport all of your machinery at anytime and anywhere you wish to! This transport demanded maximizing trailer. The Caterpillar 769C Articulated Dump truck measured 27 ft. (L), 13 ft. (W), 12 ft. 4 in. (H). It weighed a massive 68,000 lbs! We arranged for experienced driver to straddle the trailer and reach the Caterpillar 769C the legal height. We successfully managed to cover over 400 miles with this oversized transport.

Oversized Load with Extra Permit

Yes, we do it all for you. We had transported this weight on a RGN – Komatsu D61-PX23 Crawler for our client. The crawler tractor was picked up from the appointed place and delivered 900 miles from the destination. Measuring 24 feet (L) x 12 feet (W), 11 feet (H) and weighing 42,000 pounds, the Komatsu crawler demanded legal permits for several states which we arranged on our clients behalf.

Transport Heavy RGN Load with Us

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