Mining Equipment Transport

Mining Equipment Transport

All Time Machinery Equipment is a leading mining equipment transport service provider dedicated to offer excellent solutions for mining equipment and machinery. We hold a reputation for being one of the most reliable, cost-effective shipping companies for heavy equipment used in the mining industry.

Strong Network

As professionals, we understand how difficult it is to operate successfully with a strong network carriers ensuring access to the specialized tools and transportation professionals required to ship mining equipment. Once you contact us for your transportation requirements, our logistics professionals will connect with you to discuss shipment plans.

We will consider everything from initial pick-up from the appointed point through delivery to the final destination.

Our experts will manage all aspects of mining equipment shipment. They will ensure:

  • Selection of appropriate equipment for safe transport of cargo
  • Plan the best route to ensure minimum or no obstacles
  • Obtain all permits or escorts to avoid unnecessary and costly delays
  • Bulldozers
  • Track loaders
  • Dump trucks
  • Scrapers
  • Wheel loaders
  • Haul trucks
  • Excavators
  • Drills

Why Choose us for Mining Equipment Transport

The team at All Time Machinery Transportation is capable of undertaking the operations efficiently, insured under premium insurance coverage, and trained for safe and timely transportation.

Well Maintained Fleet

We have access to the industry’s most advanced and maintained fleets of specialized equipment for heavy hauling. These include:

  • Flatbed
  • Self-propelled modular transport (SPMT)
  • Step deck
  • Double-drop
  • Perimeter beam frame
  • Dolly systems
  • Multi-axle
  • Dual lane trailers
  • International transport of oversize mining equipment demands critical analysis of path, careful attention to detail, and years of experience in handling equipment. Many of the mines are situated in remote locations. These have limited access. Hence, we understand the need for non-conventional modes of transport including hovercraft, barges, helicopters etc. combined with various types of vessels, containerships, carriers, aircrafts etc.

    Each shipment we carry is arranged properly with hindrances highlighted. We also mention restrictions associated with dimensions and weight. The team will come up with a set of solutions and the most viable solution is discussed with the client before carrying out the final operation.

    Our team is responsible for taking necessary permits for oversize and overweight inland transport.

    Why All Time Machinery Transport?

    • We can efficiently undertake and accomplish door-to-door transport throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada
    • Our team can handle emergency shipping for all kinds of mission-critical equipment and assets
    • We use advanced GPS-enabled tracking to keep you updated of the shipment and guarantee safe and timely arrival of cargo (the smallest, largest, heaviest, most oversized cargo and everything that falls in between)
    • Efficient management of cargo insurance
    • We offer multimodal options for cargo transport
    • Our team is certified to deal with Perilous Materials & Unsafe Goods
    • Expert in Mining Shipping
    • Specialization in moving oversized heavy mining equipment
    • 24/7 Access to Tracking Portal
    • Expertise in safe cargo transport to remote destinations
    • We manage documentation
    • Access to huge network of freight forwarders
    • Prompt Customer Service – We will never miss your phone call

    All Time Machinery Transportation employs state of the art equipment and the most experienced personnel for handling shipping of mining and construction equipment. It is tough to select the most appropriate shipping technique for mining equipment. Hence, we make sure the task is undertaken only by the licensed, insured, well trained and most experienced professionals. Our team moves many thousands of mining equipment annually and can handle the worst situations without losing their cool.

    We undertake extreme pride in our deep knowledge about the language and rules of the heavy machinery industry.

    Speak to one of our logistics experts and let them know about your mining equipment transport requirements.

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